Senate Publications

108th General Assembly

The Constitution of the State of Tennessee
The state constitution was adopted in 1870 and has been amended eight times. The latest amendments were adopted in November 2006.
The Senate Journal
The official record of Senate proceeding, which is contained in hard-bound volumes. Included in this publication are Biographical sketches of Members, a seating chart of the Members on the Senate floor, Organizational days of Senate Sessions, Regular days of Senate Sessions, Joint Conventions of the Senate and House, Committee appointments, adopted amendment text, and records of passage of bills on third and final consideration. This publication is produced at the end of each legislative session. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the Senate Journal, please contact Nanette Mitchell at (615) 741-7911.
Senate Rules of Order for the 108th General Assembly
Contains the rules of procedure for the Senate and Senate Committees during the regular session of the 108th General Assembly. The Rules of Order are adopted by the Senate during its Organizational Session.
The Senate Chamber Book
Informational booklet including pictures, short biographies, state office phone numbers and state office addresses of the members of the Senate of the 108th General Assembly. The Committee Schedule, Standing Committee Assignments and Joint Committee Assignments are listed in this book. This publication also contains pictures of the Senate Officers, Constitutional Officers and the Governor and a brief description of the functions and duties of their offices. A Senate Chamber seating chart is included, as well as a brief description and history of the Senate Chamber and information on being a page for the Senate.
The Senate Legislative Manual
Contains information on Senate procedures and motions, listings of legislative staff agencies, Senate member state office phone directory and state office addresses, legislative definitions, a description of the Senate committees and much more.
The Senate Weekly Calendar
Weekly publication produced by the Senate Clerk's Office each Thursday when the Senate is in session. This publication contains the Senate's schedule for the upcoming week and the agenda for each Committee meeting during that week. This publication is available on a subscription basis from the Senate Clerk's Office at (615) 741-7912.
The Senate Research Review
The Senate Research Review is a weekly publication produced by the Office of the Lt. Governor and the Senate Research Staff. This publication provides a brief description of legislation considered by each Senate Committee and the action taken on the legislation each week. Files are in PDF format.
The 108th Freshman Members Booklet
Contains information on the newest Senate Members
Senate Student Activity Book
A Student's Guide to The Tennessee Senate