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Commerce and Labor
Responsible for legislation concerning commerce, insurance, and agriculture. The Committee also has jurisdiction over legislation concerning banking and lending institutions; communications; regulation and licensing of occupations; protections of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies; corporations; labor and industrial relations; consumer affairs and consumer protection; and unemployment compensation. More »
Responsible for legislation concerning schools and secondary education; school employees, administrators, teachers and bus drivers; school employees' and teachers' pay and retirement, except where an appropriation of state funds is required; colleges and universities; employees of colleges and universities, including pay and retirement, except where an appropriation of state funds is required; vocational technical education; employees of vocational education -- schools, including pay and retirement, except where an appropriation of state funds is required; college or university agricultural extension service; school lunch program; education and schools for exceptional children; cultural affairs; museums; and state and public libraries. More »
Energy, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Responsible for legislation concerning energy; forestry; natural resources; conservation, game and fish, mines and minerals. Additionally, the Committee is also responsible for legislation regarding matters relating to pollution of air, water and land; parks and recreations; state parks and recreational districts; mineral resources of public lands; public and geological surveys, accretion, alluvium, and dereliction of public and private lands; watershed districts; soil conservation; soil conservation districts; flood and drainage projects; construction, improvement and maintenance of waterways, lakes and streams; registering and licensing of vessels and small boats; tourism; military parks and battlefields; and environment. More »
Finance, Ways and Means
Responsible for all measures relating to taxes and the raising of revenue; all measures relating to bonds and the bonding of revenue; all measures relating to the issuance, payment or retirement of bonds; all measures related to the evidences of indebtedness; all measures dealing with the appropriation of state funds; the general appropriations bill; the deposit of public monies; Congressional relations; and assessment and collection of property taxes. More »
Government Operations
Responsible for legislation concerning the creation of new departments, commissions, boards, agencies or councils of state government; the reauthorization of existing departments, commissions, boards, agencies or councils of state government; licensing and/or certification of occupational and/or professional groups; and review of regulations promulgated by Tennessee departments, commissions, boards or agencies More »
Health and Welfare
Responsible for public or private hospitals; health offices and their administration; institutions and services for the mentally retarded; mental health institutions and facilities; geriatric hospitals; nursing homes; vocational rehabilitation including vocation rehabilitation homes; alcoholic rehabilitation; Department of Health; tuberculosis sanatoriums; nurses training programs; public welfare; old age assistance; private and local institutions of public welfare; and research training and rehabilitation in the field of public welfare. More »
Responsible for civil laws; criminal laws; judicial proceedings; apportionment of elected officials and governing bodies; executors, administrators, wills and divorce and other family matters; all matters relating to the courts, matters of court jurisdiction, and matters relating to judges, including retirement, compensation, expenses, personnel, facilities, etc.; municipal and juvenile courts and justices of the peace; clerks of court, and sheriffs and law enforcement officers; and all other matters not covered by any other standing committee. More »
State & Local Government
Responsible for forms of local government; utility districts; assistance to local and municipal governments; matters dealing with revenue and taxation levied by local governments; matters dealing with employees of local governments; matters dealing with expenditure by local governments; matters dealing with local ordinances; state and local government boundary lines; veterans affairs; penal and correctional institutions; public lands; preservation of historical landmarks and objects; holidays and celebrations; regulation of sale of intoxicating liquors; Adjutant General and National Guard; election laws; and state government in general. More »
Transportation and Safety
Responsible for highways, roads and bridges; railroads; air, bus and vehicular transportation; rules and regulations for highway, railroad, and air use; common carriers, except by water; pipelines; motor vehicle regulations; public works; facilities in connection with and navigation of waterways, lakes and streams; and the Department of Safety. More »

Select Committees

Responsible for scheduling bills and resolutions for consideration by the Senate.
Delayed Bills
Responsible for initial consideration of resolutions calling for joint conventions and study committees and late filed bills and resolutions.
Responsible for enforcement of the Senate Code of Ethics and recommends modification of the Code of Ethics to the Senate Rules Committee.
Responsible for recommending modification of the Senate Rules to the Senate.