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Welcome to the OLS Repealer

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Annual Reports

Welcome to the OLS Repealer

The Office of Repealer was created within the Office of Legal Services (OLS) by Chapter 475 of the Public Acts of 2013. The OLS Repealer accepts submissions from Tennessee citizens and entities for review of Tennessee state laws and rules believed to be anachronistic, obsolete, defective, duplicative, contradictory, unnecessary or incomprehensible. The OLS Repealer will review and evaluate such suggestions. Upon completion of review, the OLS Repealer may make recommendations in its annual report for the repeal, modification or revision of such laws and rules.

Prior to the convening of the 109th General Assembly in regular session, and annually thereafter, the OLS Repealer will issue a report to the Speaker of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Chairs of the legislative standing committees detailing findings and recommendations of the OLS Repealer. A copy of each annual report will be posted on this web site.


You may submit a suggestion through this website by utilizing the OLS Repealer submission form or you may print the completed form and return it along with any supporting information to the OLS Repealer.