Office of Legal Services

Legislative Library

  • G-12 War Memorial Building
  • Nashville, TN 32743
  • Phone (615) 741-5816 or (615) 741-3057
  • Fax (615) 741-1146

Introduction to the Legislative Library

"The office of legal services shall maintain a legislative reference and law library for the use and information of the general assembly." --T.C.A. 3-12-107(a)

The Legislative Library was created by Tennessee Public Act 89 of 1977. As T.C.A. states, the primary function of the Legislative Library is to provide reference and support services to members of the Tennessee Legislature. In addition, the services of the Legislative Library are available to Legislative committees and staff, legislators of other states, and to a lessor degree, the general public.

The Library's collection includes various general reference sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and biographies of famous Tennesseans; several legal and professional resources; numerous legislative indexes, reports, and committee findings; and the Laws and Acts of Tennessee dating back to 1796.

The present incarnation of the Legislative Library began April 18, 1977, with the signing of Public Act 89. Prior to that date, the Legislative Council Committee maintained a library, managed by Julie McCown. Ms. McCown remained the Legislative Librarian until July, 1996.

Staff of the Legislative Library

"The library shall be staffed by a librarian who is a graduate of an accredited school of library science." --T.C.A. 3-12-107(b)

The current Legislative Librarian is Eddie Weeks. Mr. Weeks became the Librarian in July of 1996.

Overview of the Collection

"The library shall be the official depository for all research and reference materials or reports transmitted to the general assembly..." --T.C.A. 3-12-107 (c)(part)

The Legislative Library has an extensive selection of materials for legal and legislative research, as well as a small general reference collection, reports from various state agencies, several newspapers and general interest magazines, and a variety of other materials.

Please note that the Library does NOT maintain voting records for the Legislators, nor does the Library provide information on voting records. Also, please note that items are NOT available for checkout by the general public.

Tennessee Materials

  • Annual Reports for various state departments
  • Attorney General Opinions
  • Blue Books
  • House and Senate Journals
  • House and Senate Rules
  • Printed Bills
  • Public and Private Acts
  • Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee
  • Supreme Court Decisions (State and Federal)
  • Telephone books for all Tennessee cities
  • Unofficial Index to Legislation

United States Materials

  • American Jurisprudence
  • Atlases and Almanacs
  • Corpus Juris Secundum
  • Index to Legal Periodicals
  • United States Code Annotated

Other Materials

  • Encyclopedia of Associations
  • Physicians' Desk Reference
  • The Tennessean (kept about two months)
  • The Nashville Banner
  • USA Today (kept about one month)
  • Wall Street Journal (kept about one month)

The Legislative Library also has access to the Internet, to the database of the Nashville Public Library, and access to LEXIS/NEXIS. In addition, the Library has many CD-ROM products, including Tennessee Law on Disk, the US Code Service, the Code of Federal Regulations, cases from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and cases of the US Supreme Court.

The Library also maintains a small, informal, general interest fiction and non-fiction leisure reading collection for the exclusive use of Legislators, their staff, and the staff of the Office of Legal Services.