Joint Committee Pensions and Insurance

Contact Information

Contact Information

Senate Contact Information

Debbie Martin, Executive Assistant
307 War Memorial Bldg.
Phone (615) 741-6806

House Contact Information

Lauren Campbell, Executive Assistant
206 War Memorial Bldg.
Phone (615) 741-6808

The Council on Pensions and Insurance was created to develop and recommend standards and state policy relating to pensions and insurance for state and local governments within Tennessee. In addition to conducting surveys and studies, the council reviews and recommends actions on legislation presented to the General Assembly that impacts pension and insurance matters. This joint committee is composed of the officers of the House and Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committees; three members appointed by the chairman from each finance committee; and two members, each appointed by the speaker of the respective houses. The membership also includes, on an ex officio basis, the comptroller of the treasury, the state treasurer, the commissioners of Human Resources and Finance and Administration, and the director of the retirement system.