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Health Equity Commission

Mission Statement: The Health Equity Commission was created by statute in 1990 under the name Black Health Care Commission. During the 105th General Assembly, the name was changed to the Health Equity Commission to encompass all minorities and underserved citizens of Tennessee. The Commission is comprised of six members of the Legislature appointed by the Speakers of each house, as well as, six health equity stakeholders from across the state. The Commission collaborates with law makers, State departments, health equity stakeholders and community members to ensure that health priorities and concerns of Tennessee’s minority and underserved populations are adequately addressed. The Commission examines current initiatives to ensure we are utilizing Best practices and disseminates information focused on improving minority health and the elimination of health disparities. We accomplish our mission by developing effective health policies and programs, educating citizens on the social determinants of health, participating in State action meetings to share strategies and solutions, improve coordination and utilization of research and outcome evaluations, and by promoting cultural competency in health care delivery.

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