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1979-1980 91st General Assembly

1975-1976 90th General Assembly

1975-1976 89th General Assembly

1973-1974 88th General Assembly

1971-1972 87th General Assembly

1969-1970 86th General Assembly

1967-1968 85th General Assembly

1965-1966 84th General Assembly

1963-1964 83rd General Assembly

1961-1962 82nd General Assembly


1959-1960 81th General Assembly

1957-1958 80th General Assembly

1955-1956 79th General Assembly

1953-1954 78th General Assembly

1951-1952 77th General Assembly

1951-1952 76th General Assembly

1947-1948 75th General Assembly

1945-1946 74th General Assembly

1943-1944 73th General Assembly

1941-1942 72th General Assembly


1939-1940 71th General Assembly

1937-1938 70th General Assembly

1935-1936 69th General Assembly

1933-1934 68th General Assembly

1931-1932 67th General Assembly

1929-1930 66th General Assembly

1927-1928 65th General Assembly

1925-1926 64th General Assembly

1923-1924 63th General Assembly

1921-1922 62th General Assembly


1919-1920 61th General Assembly

1917-1918 60th General Assembly

1915-1916 59th General Assembly

1913-1914 58th General Assembly

1911-1912 57th General Assembly

1909-1910 56th General Assembly

1907-1908 55th General Assembly

1905-1906 54th General Assembly

1903-1904 53th General Assembly

1901-1902 52th General Assembly


1899-1900 51th General Assembly

1897-1898 50th General Assembly

1895-1896 49th General Assembly

1893-1894 48th General Assembly

1891-1892 47th General Assembly

1889-1890 46th General Assembly

1887-1888 45th General Assembly

1887-1888 44th General Assembly

1881-1882 42th General Assembly

1869-1870 36th General Assembly

About the Archives

In part, history for the State of Tennessee is preserved in the Tennessee Library and Archives Building located in downtown Nashville. The Library holds a great deal of information from years past. At the end of each two year General Assembly, the House Clerk's Office forwards to the Library, the originals of all legislation and resolutions which have been filed in the House, as well as, the Rough Journals of the House. Still, unless you are able to travel to the Library and Archives Building this information is largely unavailable for review.

However, the advent of the internet has made it possible for the Tennessee House of Representatives to make both, current House information, along with House information from previous General Assemblies available to the general public.

The House began archiving information on the Internet in the Fall of 2002. At that time composites and member pages were made available online, as well as House Journals from 1971 to 2004. With this task in hand, it is the intent to provide information dating further back, by updating information as it becomes available.

A large portion of the information that was put on the Internet by the House of Representatives is the Archives section. The Archives section is comprised of certain information that pertains to the House from a particular General Assembly. It includes a House composite picture, the Speaker's remarks, House Members' Information, Committees Assignment, Caucuses, and Publications of the Clerk's Office.

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What You Can Find in the Archives

Composite Pictures
Composite pictures of past House of Representatives are available in the Archives section. By selecting a member's picture, you may obtain more information about that particular member, such as party affiliation, district number, district address, legislative address, biographical information and a list of public offices held by that member.
Speaker's Remarks
In addition, there are links to the Speaker's remarks for each House session. These remarks are normally given at the beginning and end of each year the House is in session.
House Members
A Members section, located in the archives provides an alphabetical listing of all members of the House during a particular General Assembly. By selecting a member, a page with detailed information about the member appears.
A listing of House Standing Committees and Subcommittees is located in the Archives. By accessing this section, one may view a list of Subcommittees within each Standing Committee and the members of those Subcommittees and Standing Committees.
A link to the Democratic and Republican Caucuses is also available in the Archives. This link shows the leadership of the caucuses and a list of members.
The Publications section includes informational works that are compiled and distributed by the House of Representatives. These include a House Chamber Book that is a photographic and biographic listing of all members of the House. The Research Review, compiled by the House Research Division, is a weekly publication that gives a brief description of legislation considered by each House Committee for that particular week. The House Journal contains the official business of the House as it takes place on the House Floor, including all motions, the passage of legislation and the roll call votes. The Legislative Manual is an in depth guide containing House procedure and rules and general state government information

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